Intensive Outpatient

Learn about Harvest Therapeutic Services‘ IOP programs. We currently accept Medicaid and private pay for the programs.

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A therapeutically supportive environment you can integrate with life at home.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP) programs offer more support than traditional outpatient therapeutic services, and more flexibility than both residential and PHP programs.  IOPs range from 9 to 15 hours per week.


Some people need more support than 1-2 hours per week.

IOP provides more opportunity for education, while catering to clients who can’t make a PHP or residential program work.  For many, the commitments required to remain in one of these programs is too extensive.  Some who need support still need to work or attend school, take care of children, or provide for ailing parents.  In these cases, IOP offers the best of both worlds!

Why Harvest’s IOP?

Here at Harvest, we take a unique perspective on IOPs.  We find it can be helpful to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to dealing with life stress.  Rather than focusing entirely on how specific behaviors in specific instances (reactions) can change your life, we prefer to take a whole-person approach.  Our IOP programs do more than instill new behaviors into your processes.  They’re designed to challenge you to re-think your paradigms, and to take a step back and assess where you are, how you’ve gotten here, and where you want to go from here (proactive).  We feel that in this context your growth will come easier, feel better, and last longer.

  • Medicaid Covered Treatment

    • All Harvest IOPs are covered by Medicaid
  • Trauma-Centered Focus

    • We safely work with clients to resolve underlying trauma
  • Continuity of Care

    • We will work with your external support and practitioners
    • Easily transition to our outpatient therapy services with your same clinician
  • Individual Therapy

    • Get access to individual therapy sessions
  • Family Therapy

    • Find support from your family

Substance Use IOP Curriculum

Our substance use IOP will cover relapse prevention, coping skills, life skills, relationships, trauma yoga, and psychoeducation.

Life Skills

Life skills covers things like making/balancing a budget, time management, scheduling, paying bills, and other important skills.


In this module we will work on building and maintaining relationships, including boundaries, attachment styles, family roles, and more.

Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention covers triggers, support, healthy lifestyles, prevention planning, and dangers.

Coping Skills

In the coping skills module we will work on different strategies for dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, and other uncomfortable feelings.

Experiential/ Trauma Yoga

This module combines concepts from other modules and puts them into practice.  The goal is to get in touch with your own personal experience.


Psychoeducation is designed to provide in-depth understanding about what is going on in your brain, before, during, and after using.